Frequently Asked Questions

What is your health and safety policy to attend R&R 2021? 

What are the approved COVID vaccines? 

What are the approved COVID tests?

How do I show proof of COVID-safe status? 

What are the COVID-related measures being implemented in Portugal?

I need a COVID test before I can return home. Where can I get this?

I’m concerned about data protection regarding my personal health information. How do you store the information about my proof of vaccination?  

If I test positive before R&R and must isolate, will I be able to get a refund?  

If I am told I’m a close contact of someone that tests positive before the event, can I attend? 

If I feel unwell before or during the event, what should I do? 

What are your mask requirements on-site at R&R? 

Will masks be provided at R&R? 

What are the entry requirements for travel into Portugal?