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Part of the International Hospitality Investment Forum (IHIF) series, the Resort & Residential Hospitality Forum (R&R) offers a meeting place for the industry to network, to share ideas and to build partnerships for tourism projects, mixed-use developments and hotel transactions.

Unique tourism and business destinations, the Mediterranean and Southern Europe are a major attraction for investors in search of new opportunities, but the diversity of market conditions across the region makes investment in real estate a challenging business. R&R provides hospitality investors and key market stakeholders a complete overview of the region’s different investment climates, regulatory frameworks and development opportunities, as well as the chance to meet partners, to showcase projects and to do the deals that will help shape growth in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe.

Whether you are an investor, developer, operator or adviser, R&R is the perfect place for you to meet face-to-face with over 400 of your industry peers and form new partnerships that could transform your business. R&R attracts an international audience of senior figures and decision-makers involved in all aspects of hospitality real estate and infrastructure investment in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

The R&R Forum is designed to help you experience the opportunities in leisure hospitality investment in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe.

With a mix of keynote presentations, panels, roundtable discussions, debates and interactive sessions, the programme will examine:

  • Economic, investment and funding trends in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Investment opportunities and how to complete deals in the region’s key markets
  • New opportunities for hospitality and travel brands in the resort market
  • Developing and marketing destinations in a changing travel market
  • How to ensure key amenities provide value for resorts
  • What operational models work best to meet Mediterranean resorts’ requirements
  • Concepts & design to develop or renovate resorts successfully
  • Funding trends and lenders’ requirements
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